NLDC 2014

An air of excitement and anticipation was among 16 Stage 1 and 19 Stage 2 guys as they rolled up the Lake Rotoiti Lodge Outdoor Education Centre driveway.

The Stage 1 guys were divided into three teams led by Shane Cross, Phil Hathaway and Bruce Plant and so began a week of leadership training centred around identifying leadership styles with a focus on team. Along with key topics such as Effective Communication and Teams and Leaders, there were also associated topics such as Personality Profiling and Anger Management/Conflict Resolution. New outdoors Team Building activities were introduced this year with map coordinate and GPS strands and emergency evacuation. The Stage 1 guys had their usual overnight expedition to the huts within the Park along with challenging High Ropes activities that tested team work at the end of the week.

For the Stage 2 guys, it was building on what they learned in Stage one with a new focus on building personal skills associated with leadership and looking and planning towards their future as leaders along with life plans. The focus for all of this was their 3 day solo
experience around the edge of Lake Rotoroa. With diary and Bible in hand and goals for the 3 days set earlier in the week, time was spent thinking through key life issues and time alone with God cementing that relationship, asking questions .. seeking answers. On returning to
the Lodge the process of debriefing allowed the guys to see what they had actually achieved against goals they had set for themselves. Personal growth in the skills, physical and spiritual areas of their lives was the outcome for many of the guys in both Stages.

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