For churches

ICONZ is for kids who want to get out an about, having fun, it's action-packed, and faith focused.

As this is biblically based, we have a policy that we won't start a unit without a Church to support the programme, leaders and the boys and families from the community who participate.


It needs a Church to back and support it to make it work. In turn, this ministry will support your outreach into your community.

How it works in a nutshell:

For anyone keen to launch ICONZ in your Church, you will need to:

  • Draw in a few good men
  • Spread the word about ICONZ around the Church
  • Get the ok from leadership
  • Get trained
  • Launch the new Unit

Sounds easy aye?

How it works in a bit more detail:

  1. If you have blood and its pumping then you are alive - you have what it takes to lead ICONZ. We have the means (training, resources, programme, ideas, etc.) to take you to the point that you will lead Iconz with confidence.
  2. For anyone who wants to have an ICONZ unit in your area/ Church or to get one off the ground, you will need 3-4 guys. These people may not be immediately available, but if you think you could lead a unit, first tap the shoulders of a couple of mates and have a word with your leaders to get the green light.
  3. Contact your local Development Manager who can present ICONZ in a relaxed, informal way to either the Church in a Sunday Service, a men's group, to Church leadership or a community meeting. You will be surprised as to how many people will be interested in finding out more or even get straight into it.
  4. Once there is enough momentum gained from the presentations, and at least four men have shown an active interest to be involved, we will need some time with them to train them. This requires about 2 two hour sessions to equip and release these men so that they can run the best unit in the country for your Church. You will know what to do and how to do it after that.
  5. Once leaders are trained and vetted, a Memorandum of Understanding document that details the Church's and BBNZ's responsibilities need to be signed.
  6. With at least three key leaders trained and vetted, you are now ready to launch your ICONZ Adventure unit which will target boys in school years 4-6.
  7. Our Development Managers are there to assist in the process of advertising your launch to the local community if you need them.

Connect this programme with others you may be running to bring new families into contact with people of faith and your church environment. Speak to your local development manager who can best advise you on how to link this amazing ministry to the outreach you are already about.