Lead a team

ICONZ is for boys who want a real life rather than a virtual one. Its fun, action-packed, and it needs blokes to make it work...

Does this sound like you?
  • A self-starter with a biblical faith
  • A real bloke who enjoys having fun and goofing around
  • Semi-organized (helpful but not essential)
  • Have skills to share with lads (again, great but not imperative)
  • You have a desire to make a difference in the lives of a new generation of boys especially those with no father figure

If this does sound like you, and you have a few spare hours a week that you can input into boys, then we'd be keen to hear from you.

Just give your local area manager a call, and he'll be able to direct you to a local unit, and let you know how you can help:

  • Auckland & Northland - Tony Jee - 022 403 1063 or email: tony.jee@iconz.org.nz
  • Waikato to Wellington - Stu Thompson - 027 655 7113 or email: skyte@bb.org.nz
  • Canterbury, West Coast, & Upper South Island - contact National Resource Centre - 09 448 1157 or email: info@bb.org.nz
  • Otago & Southland - Leon Schoeman 022 060 0020 or email: 
Here's the steps we go through to help you start up a new unit:

1. Get a church on board to support you. We can help you either approach your church or find another one that can support you.

2. Identify a team of 2 or 3 others

The huge impact of Iconz on one man and his family...

Gary Boyte and his two sons became involved in ICONZ after hearing about it from a friend they knew and trusted.

At the time, Gary was not interested in the Christian aspect of ICONZ, but he admired the outdoor education and skills development factors of the ministry. He was not unhappy for ICONZ men “to convert my boys, but went out of his way to steer clear himself.

Gary took his sons to several of the much-loved annual ICONZ adventure camps and they had a fantastic time together. And after a couple of years, he began to join in the weekly programmes. Although he still prefered to leave the room for any religious stuff, Gary became good mates with a number of the leaders.

It was then discovered that he had leukaemia. During one of his remissions a friend shared his faith with Gary, and he became a Christian. This was a pretty big step for the self-confessed religion free bloke.

On one visit Gary said to me, when Im over this (leukaemia), I would like to join up as a leader in ICONZ. And of his faith he said, I would not be where I am today if it were not for ICONZ. Gary admired and respected the ICONZ men he knew and decided to join up as a leader himself. In spite of continued deterioration of his health, a bone marrow transplant and further treatment in the UK, Gary stubbornly refused to "lie down and die".

Gary was presented with his ICONZ 'Black Shirt' kit at home by two fellow leaders. The next day he returned to hospital, wearing his shirt with pride. Three weeks later he passed away at home, surrounded by his family and was buried wearing his ICONZ Leaders kit. His wife Natalie is honoured to have his story published if it keeps his memory alive, demonstrates that you don't have to be superhuman to be an ICONZ man, and if it inspires others to get involved, then his fight to the death is not in vain.

I challenge you to think seriously about getting involved today... Put on the Black Shirt and help boys discover a whole new world of firsts.

Remembering Gary Boyte; 6 April 1958 - 6 June 2010