What is ICONZ?

What is Iconz all about?

Iconz manifests as weekly after school and evening programmes that run for a couple of hours each week, operated by local churches. We have a blokey culture where the men, who are good mates, share their life skills with a new generation of kiwi blokes with the purpose of inspiring them to become kiwi Icons.

The four age related divisions within Iconz are:

  • Iconz Anchors - for ages 6 and 7 (years 2 and 3 at school)
  • Iconz Adventure (our flagship programme) - for ages 8-10 (years 4-6)
  • Iconz Xtreme - for ages 11-13 (years 7-9)
  • Delta programme - for ages 14-18 (years 10-13)

All of the Iconz Units - weekly action includes activities based on our SPACI system: Spiritual, Physical, Adventure, Community Service, Interest. These SPACI elements are applied within programmes spaced across the year to make the most of seasonal changes which reflect indoor or outdoor focused activities. The system enables our men to guide boys to qualify for dozens of badges which contribute to forming well rounded young men - men who we hope will ultimately become Kiwi Icons.


Our school's based program is Iconz Edge

Enabling more school children to participate in programmes building resilience, self-belief & a better attitude towards life & learning.