Frequently asked questions

 1. What is ICONZ New Zealand?
  • A network of groups called ICONZ Units which run dynamic weekly after-school and weekend programmes geared for Kiwi boys aged between 6 and 18 years.
  • ICONZ New Zealand is a division of BBNZ.
 2. What will my kids gain from their involvement in ICONZ?
  • They will make new friends, some for life.
  • They will learn teamwork, life-skills, and values like respect, courtesy, self-control, honesty, and cleanliness.
  • They will learn safety in the home, on the road, around the city, on the farm, in the bush and in the snow, water safety, surf safety, stranger safety, fire safety and cycle safety.
  • They will have heaps of fun.
    It is our hope and prayer that they will establish and grow a life long faith in Jesus Christ.
  • We want to see them grow in confidence, self-esteem and Learn to be themselves.
  • Grow in their appreciation of the outdoors, discover and develop leisure skills.
  • We want to see them develop social and communication skills.
  • They will be extended and challenged.

 3. Who can come?
  • Boys aged 6-18 are welcome. Some units don't cater for all the age groups yet, so please get in touch so we can help you find a unit that suits.
  • Parents are welcome to get involved in weekly meetings.
  • Boys don't have to be part of a church to come - we are not an exclusive club!
 4. What do you do?
  • ICONZ kids can participate in dozens of indoor and outdoor-based activities including awards for cycling, water activities, bush experiences, safety in the home, domestic services, camping, conservation, spiritual knowledge, and faith.
  • We read the Bible.
  • We learn about life skills, leadership, and Christian values.
  • We have heaps of Fun with a capital F.
  • Devotions each week, which reinforce our own Bible-based Christian values.
  • Play active indoor and outdoor games to ensure kids exercise appropriately.
  • We build things and then have fun with them.
  • Visit other locations regularly to keep interest high.
  • We have inspiring famous people and VIPs to talk to the kids as often as possible because it makes the kids feel highly valued in the community.
  • We take the kids fishing and other similar activities.
  • If boys are into it we will do it. If we haven't then it's only because we have not thought about it YET (unless it's on the playstation).

5. Do parents need to be involved?
  • Parents are welcome to stay and watch their kids; we encourage parent participation as much as possible.
  • A ratio of 1:8 leader to children is what we aim for in the programme. For away outdoor trips we aim for ratios of 1 adult to 5 children. Parents are asked to make up the numbers if we are short of leaders.
 6. What are the costs?
  • ICONZ New Zealand is a not for profit organisation, and all leaders of the units are volunteers who are keen to see kids reach their full spiritual, mental, social and physical potential.
  • Your local ICONZ Unit sets their own costs so the term fees vary between units. Please speak to the unit leader about the fees
  • The uniform is a T-shirt and cap and is purchased through your local Unit for $40 to $50 depending on size. They may choose to subsidise the price so it could cost next to nothing (some units hire their uniforms for a year at a time).
  • If families cannot afford the full costs, then they may make arrangements with the local Unit. We do not want kids missing out because of the cost. The unit may ask you to contribute in another way, such as helping with fundraising events/projects.
  • Grants, donations and subscriptions of members as well as leaders' generosity pay for the equipment used.
  • Fees are spent on administration, equipment and activities. A large portion of the fees is spent on awards for the boys.
  • Nobody benefits financially from their leadership involvement in the ICONZ programme.
 7. Will my child be safe?
  • Because ICONZ is geared to cater for boys our activities are sometimes boisterous and rough. We take all steps to prevent injury and assess the risks prior to running each event.
  • Our leaders all pass through police vetting processes prior to their involvement in the ministry.
  • Much of our programme is geared to teach the kids about safety like at the beach, in the bush and fire safety as examples.

 8. Where do they meet?
  • At ICONZ, we believe that the classroom can be anywhere, so we will often meet at the beach or at a park to pursue the outdoor experience.
  • Units meet in schools, community halls and churches. Check out your local unit with information on where they meet and what time.
  • Call or email the BBNZ National Resouce Centre if you are not sure where the local unit meets and they will put you in contact with them. If the local unit does not exist, perhaps you could start one!
 9. Who are the leaders?
  • Leaders are volunteers and often parents, who commit their time outside working hours. They plan the programme and assemble all the materials used in the programme. If you are a parent, please volunteer your time, skills or money as often as you can to make their job easier.
  • A ratio of 1:8 leader per children is what we aim for in the programme. For away outdoor trips we aim for ratios of 1 adult to 5 children. Parents are asked to make up the numbers if we are short of leaders.

 10. Can anyone be a leader?
  • If you want to be an assistant leader, our promotions staff can either help you recruit the people needed to do the job, or give you the training and confidence to take on the top job on yourself.
  • If you aren't sure if you have the time to help but can spare a few hours a week, then you'd be perfect. Leaders may spend two hours per week in front of the kids and perhaps an hour in preparation per week. The sky is the limit as to the amount of time spent, but they get out what they put into it.
  • Boys today lack male role models, yet they are crying out for them. Will you step up and help?
 11. What other activities might they do?

Heaps! Too many to name. Get involved and you will discover the answer to that question!

However a small sampling:

  • Woodwork: making go-karts
  • Paua craft (mirrors and pendants)
  • Competitive activities like boat racing, swimming, cart racing
  • Leisure activities in the bush, camping, snow trips, water sports, swimming
  • Teamwork games
  • Cultural awareness activities
  • Domestic survival skills
  • Community service
  • Visit a Marae, the RSA, and Army base or police/fire stations.
  • Camps, tramps, sleepovers and night games.

 12. Do you meet during school holidays?
  • Generally not. Our programme runs once a week during term time.
 13. How do I set up a new unit?
  • Setting up a new unit is a very simple process. Contact your local ICONZ Promotions staff below. We help with every step of the way, including providing training, curriculum, promotions, and other resources.
  • Auckland & Northland: Tony Jee 022 403 1063
  • Waikato to Wellington: Stu Thompson 027 655 7113
  • Canterbury, West Coast, & Upper South Island: 
  • Otago & Southland:  
 14. Who gains from the programme?
  • The people who gain from the programme primarily are the leaders because there is a principle of sowing and reaping. People who sow much reap a great harvest. The other beneficiaries are the kids who are involved.
  • It benefits The Church in the following ways:
  • It draws kids closer to a relationship with Jesus Christ
  • It helps teach children to develop a godly character
  • It advances Christ's kingdom among children
  • It brings children and families into The Church from the community
  • No one gains financially from running the programme

15. What does ICONZ stand for?

As such ICONZ is not an acronym for anything but we do want our boys to strive to become the best that they can be. We believe that each boy has the potential to become a kiwi icon such as Mahe Drysdale, Sir Ed Hillary, Ritchie McCaw, Ryan Nelsen, Dave Dobbyn, etc.

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