Iconz Edge


Iconz Edge is our school's based program that enables children to participate in programmes building resilience, self-belief & a better attitude towards life learning.


Edge programmes are hands-on activities such as cooking and construction projects. To basic life skill like learning to ride bikes and fold clothes. We also participate in service projects in the community.

Every Edge programme is devoted to Edge Life Skills which teach the students like self-management, team building, dealing with anger, bullying, conflict resolution and how to relate to others. We want our students to be a positive influence in their schools.

ICONZ Edge 2

The outcomes of Edge programmes are wide-ranging: Big improvements in their attitudes towards school, staff & learning. Edge students learn to get along with other students they wouldn't usually relate to, and they often make friendships via the activities. They learn to use woodworking tools and power tools, a good range of hand tools, cooking on a BBQ or a campfire and learning about safety while participating in such activities.

The challenge for Edge is finding a suitable workspace because schools are busy, so finding the right room for Edge activities is our biggest frustration. This is why we have embarked on the ICONZ Edge WORKSHOP project.

ICONZ Edge Trailer

We are looking for funding for our "ICONZ WORKSHOP", an enclosed trailer which is to be a little smaller than a shipping container. It will be a place for our ICONZ Edge students to meet in & to use for working on their construction projects. Boys are hand-picked by their school to attend our programmes which involve two-hour sessions each week during the term for a year. 

Your support would be great.

For more information, please contact one of our area managers.